Climbing Season and New Field Work, 2023

From June until October, I spend as much time as I can in the backcountry, from hikes with family to technical mountaineering routes with my climbing partner and other like-minded friends. It is in these months that a large volume of photographs are produced, sorted through and edited for consideration in upcoming projects.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the images that have had some staying power through the editorial process here on the home page of my website. I'll be rotating them from time to time, so come back when you have a moment to see what's new.

This particular pair of images were the result of being at the right place at the right time. The churning clouds and bitter wind turned out to be a serendipitous occurrence: the veil of cloud and fog served as a natural filter for viewing the eclipse with the naked eye. As such, no image stacking was needed when making the images -- these are single exposure, unfiltered photographs.

Annular Eclipse, James Peak Wilderness, October 2023